Brand framework – ‘The Manifesto’

Brand framework – Determining the manifesto 

Definition of manifesto:

  • ” A written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.”


For this session we had the clients come in and speak to us in groups so we could have a better understanding of what they are trying to communicate. Using a pre-templated table consisting ‘Vision, Mission, Profile’, I listened on and made a quick draft by merging their words together along with the words they had chosen from the brand value exercise.






Oh Gee Pie – Brand colour trends


Task 5 – “Brand colour analysis” 

Using the ‘Dieline’ and the ‘Packaging of the world’ websites I carried on my research of identifying key colours and for which reason they related to the allocated brand. By doing this exercise I believe it’ll give me a sense of what colours are reoccurring and the trends within the category of ‘Bakery’/’Baking’.


What I noticed amongst the selected brands in the table is that they all used no more than three colours in their palette and the use of ‘subtle/soft’, ‘candy-like’ colours shown up to be a popular trend. To find out why this was, I researched into the theory of colours and found out that certain colours attained a ‘feeling-response’ as shown in the table below:


From the reference wheel I chose my favourite colours, along with the ‘Feeling’/’Mood’ they are meant to articulate.

Red –  ‘PASSION’ / ‘LOVE’ / ‘STRONG’



I chose the colour orange because I feel like it’s a strong/bold colour and the meanings it portrayed were similar to my brand’s values/theme.


Further explorations

  • Develop & Tryout colour in brand messaging/packagaing



Oh Gee Pie – Identifying brand values

Brand brainstorm session – “Identifying key values

Having a better understanding now of my brand’s direction I wrote a few words down on a piece of paper and selected the one I liked the most. The words were all mixed up with different themes. In the process of selecting the ones to stick down I thought it would give me a better understanding around my brand but I don’t think these gave me any further directions so instead I produced another one using different markers; I liked how I writ these words out because it looks colourful and the themes presented are a lot more direct and stronger than the previous. Though still random, I was still able to choose the right ones that fit my brand personality the most.

Brainstorm 1

Brainstorm 2


Oh Gee Pie – Brand naming / Slogan

Brand naming Workshop
In this session w were required to form groups amounts each there and brainstorm different types of names under the categories of ‘Descriptive, Symbolic, Evocative, Abstract‘; when provided these categories the task became engaging to participate with as the group started coming up with exciting names and tag lines that would accompany them. Every student had to select their three best names as shown below in the illustration:14682013_10209517306040758_7620333098088949063_o-3

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Further exploration:

  • Research into existing creative brand names/quotes/slogans for inspiration.
  • Develop message name/slogan by looking for font(s) (Hand drawn?) to match  brand aesthetic/theme.

Client briefing

As our first brief in the inventivity studio we had the chance to meet 3 different groups of post-graduate students who wanted to share their business idea with us. In the first part of the session the clients provided us with background information in where most ideas of the business stem from and where they initially wanted to take it in the future. The client that stood out to me the most were ‘Oh Gee, Pie!’, an american pie desert company that missed the royalties of food back in America and wanted to bring that over here in Britain, this time using local influences.


In the 2nd half of our session we decided to split every table into 3 groups so everyone had the decision to choose their desired company to bring to life. This part of the session was to identify brand values and have the opportunity to ask further questions.


They don’t only make pie by the way 😉 !



Mark making – Creative exploration


Mark making Workshop
Creative Exploration” 

At this point I hadn’t had developed a concept idea for my brand yet, so in this mark marking session our lecturer instructed us to only use the materials we had on us and the materials that were provided. The materials I had chosen to work with is a white paint pen and black card paper. The card’s texture and density reminded me of the white paper trays they give you with your toast when you visit a cafe which inspired my exploration with the black card paper as imagining it to be a tray that could be used to eat the pies’ off. In the the pictures provided you’ll be able to see a quick/rough sketch of how I imagined the pie tray to fold around the edges. When I noticed the blank space in the bottom base of the tray I imagined that illustrations could decorate it, and as another idea for the brand’s concept; the trays could be kept by customers if they liked the artwork, or they could swap theirs with another customer’s tray (evoking the  ‘creative’ / ‘community feel’) At the same time besides being used for paper trays I also imagined these particular designs working as thank you cards given to customer (Or perhaps, imaging I have a physical bakery; after eating their pie, customers can draw ‘thank you cards’ that’ll be pinned up on the wall.)

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In the process of drawing each illustration I drew random objects / symbols / characters / Quotes / Slogans that I thought were relatable. This exercise actually slightly helped me to define the mood of the type of branding that could possibly go on the packaging, rather than digital maybe I could delve into the handmade/hand drawn area more. In overall I was pleased with most of the outcomes in the workshop, now I wanted to research more into illustration on packaging.. 

Further exploration:

  • Research into creative paper tray designs
  • Hand Illustrated packaging
  • Crafted packaging (Could customer make something else out of it ?)
  • Research into greeting card designs
  • Develop tray design / Tryouts