Font exploration – Part 2

From my last session of the font exploration I noticed how some of the fonts worked and how some of them didn’t; I though of ways how I could incorporate the feeling of ‘pie’ into the lettering so I tried this by attempting to create ‘crumb-like’ edges with a black paint brush around the lettering. Though I lied the idea and how it could’ve worked if done by hand, I started to notice rather than looking like ‘crumbs’ the edges of he lettering looked ‘smoky’ which of course wasn’t my intention. It was going to be hard to get the sharp ‘rocky’ edges crumbs have so instead of doing it by hand I decided it’s best to have the font separate and find textures/create textures of ‘crumbs’ to play with

Further explorations

  • Research / Develop ‘crumb-like’ textures /
  • Research further into ‘bold’/’Solid’ fonts


developmemnt 11


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