Task 4 – Brainstorming names


In this task we were set in groups to try and come up with unique names that will relate to the theme/topic/cause the cafe aspired to be like. Using the spider diagram categories of ‘Descriptive‘, ‘Symbolic‘, ‘Evocative‘, ‘Abstract‘ I was able to come up with a few names as such…

The names circled in red are the names I think will work for my concept theme in which is: “Drawing”.



SOS Cafe – Touch points table map

Touch points table map
In this task we were set, we had to research about the local area of London and look at the current different bakery brands.We were given a touch ppoint table map that was sectioned between ‘before’ meaning before the transaction happens in my bakery, ‘During’ what instances could coe up whilst the customer is in my bakery and lastly ‘After’ meaning what interaction is the customer likely to follow up with. For my first selection and convenience I took a trip to the cereal killer cafe on bricklane nearby my university; as I roamed around the cafe taking notes I definitely got strong sense of ‘nostalgia’ and ‘cartoon’. For my second visit I took a trip to Exmouth Market which has a long street of lots of cafes so I knew that I’d definitely get more inpsiration for touch points. I chose to go to Cafe Kick which is a footbal themed cafe in where they have live streams of matchs, a bar for food and drinks but also what I found an intersting touch point in this cafe is that they had a seperate space where they’d hold table football tournaments. Taking these trips to see what activities or events other cafes are bringing to their brand has given me a better insight into the gallery feature I have been thinking to add to my cafe.

SOS Cafe – Cafe feature experience

In all the brainstorming/Research I’ve gathered so far for the theme ‘drawing’ / ‘collaboration’; I thought that my cafe should have a concept of where people come together and draw, in the developing of this idea I established that each time a customer visits they can draw something on an A4 piece of paper and give it back to the staff at my cafe. The staff every week will select a piece which they thought was really good and pin it o a donation box at the till; this way people can donate as they purchase. (The money collected is then donated to a local charity like crisis.) The alternate idea I had or this after talking to Bernadette and her love for art; I thought to myself that all she needs is platform for people to see her work and appreciate it so why not create a concept that sources art only from those homeless/ex-homeless, and within the cafe this concept works out in the same sense of a gallery space but with a twist by having a small donation box where viewers of the art can donate to the art piece. (The final round up of money is given to the homeless artist. To make sense of this concept I began to draw thumbnails to describe the process.



The Journey – Forming the idea



Weeks have rolled in now and I’m still not entirely sure on what direction I want to head for my cafe. After pursuing the path of incorporating illustration as a main focal feature I looked at possibilities for a ‘art-club’ cafe but I struggled to determine and develop unique approaches that wouldn’t seem ‘cliche’ or ‘any regular safe’.

The one day as I was about to head down to the tube at Aldgate east station I was stopped by a lady who was homeless living by the entrance. She asks me for money and we somehow spark into conversation because I had seen that her signs were not the ‘usual’ type, they were in a graffiti’s style which appealed to me. I ask of her name and she answers ‘My name’s Bernadette.. was’ yours?’, I then ask her if she’d drew them (bit silly I know) and she says yes and she did I could see the glimmer on her face. She asked what I did and I said I went to university nearby and had just finished classes. Our conversation flowed so easy I was certain I had made a friend.

Somewhere in the conversation we spoke about how they feel very ignored and invincible, and alone, and it was at that moment I knew that I wanted my cafe aesthetic to be around the idea of supporting the homeless.

I was very relieved to have finally found something I could personally connect to and enjoy; before I said goodbye Bernadette made a request.. She wanted more paper / board to draw on because it gave her an ‘escape of reality’, I smiled and said “Don’t worry b, I got you

The next day I returned to her with cut out cardboard boxes from a local Tesco and a thick red marker I kept.

SOS Cafe – Net Cafe Refugees crisis japan

Campaign documentary about Cyber-homelessness


Being a big fan of the japanese interior design whilst I was researching about diffrent themed cafe concepts on the internet I came across a documentary that talked about the ongoing homeless crisis in Japan. The documenatry told the tales of how a large chunk of the population made up of young graduates and the working class white collar were facing higher percenatges of acquring  job that would earn them a stable income; in results of this many are not able to purchase a home or rent a flat out for themselves, so rather what they do is they live in and out of internet cafe’s through Japan. The reasons for why these people settled in internet cafe’s is because the monthly arrears for a small space would be way less than getting an actual home; these spaces provided showers, electric amenities, computers and dispensary machines for food and drink; the fact that internet cafe’s were 24/7 made it even much more a conventient option for people to live this type of lifestyle. By watching this documentary I got inspired to start looking into the homeless situation here in the UK – more specifially London.

SOS Cafe – Cafe concept ideas

Cafe concept ideas
At this point I’m still in two minds whether the idea of having a manga inspired cafe where people can come together and draw is strong enough. As an alternate concept I’ve also got the idea of having a cafe that is dedicated to students like myself who graduate in a couple months and do not know which steps to take further on developing as an artist. This cafe space would serve as the basis hub for letting those post graduates to come together and collaborate. I like how both concepts work along the lines of ‘collaboration’ and sort of have a ‘feeling’ like a social club rather than the convenional cafe frameworks. To give myself a better understanding of developing the concepts I researched further into cafe’s that have similar ideas such as Timberyard in Covent Garden, Brill Cafe on Exmouth Market and the Google Campus near hoxton.

SOS – Cafe idea concept brainstorm

Cafe idea concept brainstorm
In todays session we were all working together in the studio to come up with different ideas and concepts to come up with for each of our cafe. At first what we did is we talked and brainstormed for about 20 minutes before starting to make accurate notes that’ll be helpful for your established idea. I had the idea of creating a cafe concept with it’s main theme being ‘Drawing’. So I imagined the experience of where the customer would be able to get their hot/cold drink and have a seat whilst relaxing in the cafe; on the walls would be art submitted by local artists. On each table I imagined being a slot where there is a small stack of paper the customer can draw on, when they are done and if they choose to they can hang their art on a specific space on the wall. For the second concept I thought would be really cool is to have a space/cafe that allows people of all design practice backgrounds to come together to share ideas and work together; I’m not entirely sure on this concept for now but I think i’ll stick to my main idea of ‘Drawing’.