Final Major Project – Website/Social Media mock ups

After  succesful session shooting my products I immediately looked into other ways to use the images taken. This would’ve been for the website and social media handles like Instagram; my brand being quite trendy/cool I only wanted to use youthful platforms that are active/engaging daily in people’s lives. For this inspiration I looked towards the brands I selected as my affinity’s, Camden town Brewery. I liked how vibrant their website was with the red background and the choice of black/white bold lettering. The information displayed was not complicated but very easy to follow, short/snappy. This is the direction I wanted to take with my website, for it to be simple using my brand colours/typography.

Instagram mockup


Research/Sketch development of website


HomepageWebsite homepage

About UsAbout us page website

Product selectionBeer selection page website

Product PageProduct page website



Final Major Project – Product shooting part 2.

Product shooting part 2
After being slightly stuck on what to do as my 3D installation, I tracked back in pages of my sketchbook where I collected images of how breweries and shops displayed their products. At one point I remember visiting The Sampler (Look at previous posts) and in the window display they had a crate that showed products of a particular brand; This gave me the idea to go hunting for one so that I could stencil my branding on it. For further props I created coasters using the designs I  made with my lino kit. I liked how the texture of cork came through the ink to give it more definition; In the meantime all along I had the idea of doing promotional badges; when I finished creating the badges I realized that the large badges also somewhat reminds of the pump clips I seen in Brewdog, this idea then developed into me creating individual unique buttons for each bottle flavour.

Photoshoot props/3d Display sketches:


Now that I have my props made for the photoshoot all I now need is the space to do it. I used my University’s studio space in where full lighting aswell as a backdrop was provided. Having the quick sketches I done to visualize my final products was very handy because I knew straight away where I placing stuff/which angles I would be taking pictures from.  After placing my 3D display I applied the lighting position according so that every picture being taken would consistently look the same in shade/lighting.

Product shots 1

Products shot 2

Product shots 3 

Final shots of 3D Designs/Display

Next objective(s):

  • Website/Social Media Mock ups

Final Major Project – DIY product shooting

DIY product shooting
I was extremely excited to have finished my bottle designs so I started to look towards the next steps which was to start photographing them for my submission but also other purposes such as the mockup website, social media, posters etc..


Already having the photobooth that provides lighting through connecting with my Mac. The bottles I had designed were just about to big to fit in whilst standing up so it clashed with getting the best quality of lighting on the bottle. However this idea was for doing the product page, so I thought maybe I could get close up shots of the detailing of the illustrations as that is one of the things I imagined the audience to be interested in.



I discovered after doing this that perhaps the close up shots that I can take using this mini booth can definitely be used as feauture images on social media platforms. Having established that I now wanted to focus on trying to get the whole bottle photographed but still make it look like a quality image.

Editing the test shots in Photoshop

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After taking a few pictures I just wanted to see how the bottle would look like once edited on Photoshop and cut out. All I had to do with the image is balance the brightness/contrast in Photoshop, followed then by cutting the bottle out completely out of the image; so now all that’s left is the edited bottle, to make it look more realistic I added small shading so it looked as if the bottle was standing up rather than just looking flat as an image on the canvas. Once everything had been edited and cut out, I added the red from my brand colour palette and sketched ideas around it as a means to work out where ech bit of information would possibly go. All in all I was pleased with the result of trying to develop ways to do this with the mini booth but I think that for my 3D installation to work I would need a larger area with professional lighting.

Next objective(s):

  • Bring finished product designs into university and photograph them




Final Major Project – Finalising Bottle labels

Finalising Bottle labels:
After finalising the designs in Adobe Illustrator I prepared the files for print with my home printer. After a few succesfull test runs on paper I was happy with the quality of the ink colour which did not differentiate too much compared to the accurate colour shown on the screen.

Front bottle labelling:

Back bottle labelling:

Completed product(s):


Succesfull attempt at scratch off sticker:



The gold scratch off sticker was the most hardest part of the labelling because the ahensive side would be very strong so each time I placed the sticker in position on the back label I would need to be very careful not to stick it down too far as it will stay and if peeled back off will ruin the inital label of the bottle. To practice my placement and positioning of the scracth off sticker for each label I cut each piece according to the wdith x length of the small stories shown on the back (So people wouldnt be able to read whats underneath until scracthing off the material.); I then again ran a test of this until I was happy with the results.


Next objective(s):

  • Photographing bottle products / Research ideas for display




Final Major Project – Story design development for back label

The of my brand is quite soft/trendy/cool so I did not want the messaging or text on the labelling to be boring or conventional. This was the same for the story designs that would come on the back of the labelling; In my previous research I already collected basic information about them and their mythical story, I didn’t want to change much because it would defeat the purpose of educating/telling people about other cultures so avoid this I made sure to keep the main elements of the story but add small features that keeps the story/myth true but with an addition of funny/satirical narratives.

One day as Shiva and Lord Brahma sat down drinking beer in the heavens together. The conversation of who could make the best brew came up and Lord Brahma boasted that he was the Supreme God of brewing because he had five heads like Shiva did. Shiva became angry at this and wanted to teach him a lesson. Another day Shiva reincarnated himself into Bhairava, the protector of the eight directions of the universe. Came to Lord Brahma again and offered his special spiced brew, Lord Brahma who didn’t notice it was Shiva was tricked into drinking the brew and endured an endless slumber. Bhairava now a wandering form of Shiva became the supreme God of beer. In Nepal, During the Indra Datra Festival held in Kathmandu Valley, people gather outside the temple and drink beer together dispensed from the mouth of the statue of Bhairava. Legend has it that those who drink from it are bestowed with powerful blessings.

Centzon Tottochin
In aztec culture the four hundred rabbit gods are born from the (Godess of Alcohol) Mayahuel and (God of Medicine) Petecatl.The rabbit gods names were Tepoztecatl,,Texcatzonatl,,Colhuatzincatl, Macuiltochtli (“Five -Rabbit”), and Ometochtli (“Two- Rabbit”).These rabbit Gods were known for coming together and drink alcohol until they are completely drunk. The ‘myth tells that the four hundred’ rabbits represents the four hundred ways in which the aztecs believe a human can intoxicate themselves. Every year the aztecs come together and celebrate these gods on Drunken Rabbit Day, the myth surrounding these festival parties is that when someone got intoxicated people would say “Drunk as 400 rabbits!”

In Ancient Greek mythology Silenus is known as the God of beer and loyal party companion of Dionysus.It’s been said that Silenus one night had drank so much he fell asleep on his wandering donkey and got lost. Having been spotted and rescued by King Midas and his paesants, in return for the hospitality and kindness Silenus told the King stories of entertainment for five days and nights. The following day delighted to have finally now found his mentor alive, Dionysus gave King Midas the power to touch anything and it turn to gold. Before leaving , They all had a big party at the palace where the alcohol and cups was made of Gold.King Midas gifted one of these cups to Silenus which was flowing with never-ending gold alcohol.

Mbaba Mwana Waresa
Mbaba Mwana Waresa was a goddess of beer in the Zulu religion. it is believed by its followers Mbaba Mwana had married a mortal herdsman named thandiwe, which made the other gods furious as they didn’t see humans as equal to them. But Mbaba loved the people and saw everyone as equal always. in faith to restore the bond between the people and the gods, Mbaba created a brew that made mortals feel closer to the gods. to keep the peace forever between humans and the gods, mbaba taught humans how to brew beer so each time while the people drank they’d be paying respect to the gods.


This test was to try out with the idea of having gold scratch off sticker on the back would work. I am most definitely pleased with how the outcome of this because it gives the bottle the extra feature detailing it needs.

Next objective(s):

  • finalize bottle labels / Run test with all templates




Final Major Project – Themeing/Character design

Themeing/Character design 

Using the mood boards I previously created for each mythical God I wanted to design for my bottle, I drew up sketches using inspiration from the board that perhaps showed me distinctive symbols, patterns or forms associated with the God.

Process pictures:


After I was happy with each sketch I scanned them in and inked/outlined them on illustrator. After I was happy with the outline I would paste it on the label template; resize if need be and thereafter I would use my mood board once again to give me an idea of what colours/patterns are used/associated with the God that I’m drawing. For the font selection on both labelling I wanted each flavour/God to have their own presence, the heading at the top for the back labelling would be the same as the front, swell as the stories shown on the back; besides that I did not want to introduce too many fonts because the differences would show; therefore I chose to keep my brand’s font for the important information at the bottom.


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Font selection for bottle headings/small stories:


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.21.14 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.22.59 PM


Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.19.37 PM

Centzon Tottochin

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.17.31 PM

Next objective(s)

  • Develop copywriting for each God myth/story
  • Run label test of gold scratch off sticker

Final Major Project – Label design template development

Bottle design sketches, Template development

For this session I had received my bottles from Wilko. They were all plain black 500ml bottles that came with no caps so this is something I would still need to buy if necessary.  I still needed sticker paper for the labelling but I wanted to be sure of the size first before venturing out to the shop to buy some. As I already knew the bottle was 500ml it was easy for me to look online and find templates for labels that fitted 500ml bottles; However when I printed a test run the label appeared to be very small-ish and I wanted my label to be big to have space to showcase the illustrations; pictures of the test run are shown below; (I separated the text blocks in different sections so it gave me an indicator of how the illustration would wrap around around the bottle.). The label wasn’t entirely the wrong side but it was small in terms of hight so all I had to do is add a small strip would just about add and cover the whole belly of the bottle. After adding those measurements I tried out another test and I was pleased with this size as it was the correct dimensions for the front label. For the back label of my template I kept the height measurements the same but reduced the width to allow a small space between the front and back label.

Failed test 1/2

Succesful print test:


from using the correct measurements for the front/back label I drew up a new template that I would be able to use for my bottles. At first I was in two minds about having a circular tab as neck label but I quite liked the idea of having two – One on the front stating the flavour of the bottle, and the one at the other side could perhaps have the brand’s logo/or label design. As shown below is the outcome of my new label template:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.33.22 PM

Next objective(s):

  • Begin sketching/’ characters for each bottle/label design