Oh Gee Pie – Mascot research and sketch

Mascot research and sketching
For a very long time brands have become accustomed using a mascot character to represent the company besides the logo. Often at times companies license other characters from businesses to use in their product promotion. The brand mascot can range from many things besides characters; it can be a symbol, a colour, a particular shape or even sound. McDonald’s brand mascot ‘Ronald’ is a well known face and is recognized immediately; another good example could be ‘Quicky’ from the brand Nestle, the character is a ‘cool’ rabbit who runs around fast whilst drinking hot chocolate. The brand has also said that the mascot was named ‘Quicky’ after the product’s easy/quick process of making a hot chocolate. At this point I already had a mascot character in mind but  wasn’t entirely sure but after doing the research of existing brand mascots and the purpose they serve I’ve come up with quick sketches of a concept for the character I want to represent my brand.



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