Oh Gee Pie – Tagline/Slogan

Tagline/Slogan Mark making
At first I established my tagline/slogan to be ‘You know you knead it’; This was play on the words to make the customer laugh whilst they read it out to themselves but also tells the customer what type of method for baking was used to make the products. ‘Kneading’ is the process of where the baker rubs, folds, moulds and wrings the dough texture to make pies and other baked goods by hand. I thought this also worked well as ‘Hand made’ being one of the supporting themes of my brand; this process reflects the care that is taken to craft these amazing tasting pies. Another idea I had for my slogan was, ‘Love your/Every slice’ which is self-explanatory really, but the mood I’m trying to emulate with this slogan is that the customer will love every bite/ slice of pie from us. As usual to start the process of getting a better understanding of my direction I began to mark quick drawings of potential ideas.


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