Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Crafted Design Route

Seeing as I’m still working in progress with my HotHouse newsletter poster, I figured to try out how it would look as a development for my crafted design route. I kept the colour scheme and font typography the same along with the new branding identity I came up with. Using the ‘cross’ format of my lettering I thought of how I could make the link with this in the signage/wayfinding of my crafted route; to which is when I then had the idea of using the circular shape that highlights the ‘Cass, Visual Comms’ wordmark. I figure that by using this circle I could maybe set them out the same way as I’ve done work on the text. I imagined each circle could maybe represent the studios, or I thought the dots surrounding the central dot can be representative of students coming together in one hub to showcase their work. Either I figured that this was a pretty cool concept so I went ahead with it to create sample content for the audience to see my ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 01.37.53


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