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With the background of expereince I have with branding I’d say that my style or method of working first hand in graphic design is illustration. I love drawing and the importnace of it’s process that can lead you to better ideas and thinking. To distinctly pin point my style of illustrtaion I’d say that my largest infuences would be comics/cartoons. These two things had a profound impact and inflkuence on the type of drawings I do. I think in my own way I’ve developed a particuluar style/method that helps me to narrow and create branding projects of any product/services from scratch. Usually with CV’s I’d have losts to say in expereince of working as a retail assistnat but whereas my graphic deisgn resume I haven’t done a lot of projects to say I’ve gotten much in-house industry expereince, rather for me it’s been on a small freelance basis.

Student online portfolio:

Personal illustration/Graphic design portfolio:



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