Design Competition, AmazonFresh – Paper bag design/Delivery branding


Today I was out and about enjoying  the sun with my friends and I came across an amazonFresh bag (I’d actually never see one before, just the boxes) and it instantly fascinated it me with the branding designs that were on it. The bag designs consisted of the variety of products they sell so the customer who wasn’t before aware of this is now informed and would perhaps move on to maybe start shopping with amazonFresh. Another feature which was nice added to the detailing was the small message of ‘If you’d like us to recycle this bag for you, simply hand it to your driver’ – this reflects on the value amazonfresh ethically practices alongside with sourcing from only a majority of local producers. By now I already had created a new identity as logo and slogan for my service so seeing this bag gave me the influence for when I went back home and started designing my own paper bag. The process was not difficult as the designs were ready, and all I needed was to watch a tutorial on YouTube to help guide my steps. After finishing up the paper bag design I had another quick idea to try branding on  delivery vehicle just to see what it looked like and I found a nice template to use off google. I couldn’t believe that just by chance I came across this bag; really proves that you never know where your next inspriation/influence might come from!

Process shots + Final outcomes


Delivery car branding:amazonfresh delivery car branding


Design Competition, AmazonFresh – Mobile application Mock up


Mobile application Mock up – Sketching process


i began sketching quick ideas of how I wanted the application interface to look like. The thumbnail drawings that have been highlighted in green are the ones whom i thought were the strongest ideas for the interface. As amazon is already known as the company of where you can order quick and efficiently with no hassle, this comes in relation to the new slogan of ‘Only a tap away’ because I want my application to be very simple to use, at anytime and anywhere. To illustrate how the process works more clearly I created additional posters.


Poster outcomes:

order confirmation mockup app

Amazonfresh tap meal selection app interfaceAmazonfresh order confirmation


Next objective(s):

  • Delivery branding mock ups

Design Competition, AmazonFresh – Poster mock Ups

Designing outdoor poster mockups
The reason why I wanted the designs to appear on mock ups is because they give more realistic feel of your brand it helps to visualise directly what you had hoped for it to appear like. Going back to theme of ‘Tap/ping’ being the concise instrument in my brand I think by having the NFC feature draws more attention from the audience because they are not just being told what to do on the poster but rather they are engaging with it. I selected the mock ups carefully because I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, so to make sure I was doing that I only selected images of where the template was grounded and not on a moving bus or etc. I am particularly pleased with the mock-up i where it has the woman trying the poster out because this really demonstrates how the application works.

For research I looked on pinterest for examples and came across a few interesting ones that necesarily did not have anything to dow ith food delovery but the idea/concept behind the posters were well executed. An example of this would be for KFC; their NFC posters allowed users to scan a QR code and get directions to the local KFC takeways, not only that but as a reward for participating with the poster they offred the audience the chance of getting free hot wings.


Final outcomes:

Next objective

  • Develop final mobile app interface mock ups

Design Competition, Amazonfresh – Poster design development part 2

To get a better direction of how I would combine handrawn illustrion/type + with real food on plates I went on Pinterest and found a few intersting examples. This was enough for me to start my development process as I’ve already got the image cut outs of the plates so all I have to do is illustrate the vegetable ingredients and scan them in, after scanning ill do the usual by using the live trace to convert the illustration to vector lines; when this is done ill be able to place them individually into the plate design poster. I wanted to keep the illustrations in black for the trial run but in the end I figured if I used the amazonfresh’s green colour swatch will give it a nice tint against the white background.

food sketces for posters


 Final outcomes:

After getting all the illustration and type into the image all there was left to do for me is to simply add the new slogan/logo I came up with for this service. To be playful and engageable I added witty text at the top of each poster; the audience is also briefly informed about how the ingredients used for each meal is sourced locally. To see how the posters will work in a public setting my next obejctive is to find templates of where I can mock up scenes of my poster being put to use. An idea I had in order the app to be engaging with the customer, the posters created above will be NFC intergrated meaning that in the instance if a person wanted to order the food on the poster, they’d need to download the app scanner and ‘tap the poster’. I think this idea works because it reinforces the brand’s ‘Tap’ theme.


Next objective(s):

  • Research/Moodboard food NFC posters
  • Develop scene mockups using templates

Design Competition, Amazonfresh – Poster design development

Poster design development
Following up from idea of cutting every dish out of the image so it would be a stand alone photograph, I continued to do so and was pleased that I did because I knew that once they were cut out the editing possibilities would be endless but for my purpose it was perfect because each image (more or less) was taken from a front POV, making the images even better to work from.

Dish/Plate cut outs from reference images:

As I used hand drawn type as a little experiment in my last illustrations of these, I did not want to use the brush tool provided by illustrator, but instead I wanted the type to be hand drawn and then scanned in. Seeing how succesful my previous scans came through on the image trace feature on illustrator; I already visioned in my head how the lettering would possibly come out; Instead of having the lettering in line at the top above the plates, I wanted it to slightly curve with the plate so it all looked uniform. To make the process of this easier I printed out black/white prints of each dish and practiced the lettering until I was happy with the results; In the end what I would do with these scans is keep the handwritten type and just clear the image beneath (Leaving only the typography.)

Hand drawn type + Photograph


Now having seen the way the plates look accompanied with hand drawn type I went back to the thought of my app interface design in where I wanted each plate displayed as seen above and ingredient icons below it so the customer knows what the main ingredients are within the meal. The next thing I need to do now is write down each ingredient within the meals and sketch them into simple iconography so that I can do the same process as I’ ve been doing with my illustrations, scan them in and outline them on Adobe Illustrator. I think now that have these outlined I’ll be able to put them together with the plate designs.

Development process + Outcomes


I am pleased with how the combination of these three elements work well together. I was particularly happy with how nice the typography curved around the bowl/plate. I think at the moment it could work for many things as suggested before; mobile phone app interface, poster, branding on promotional goods/services. But for this particular case I wanted to make it look more appealing as a poster and make people want to engage with it; an I dea I think would look good is to do quick brush drawings of the vegetable ingredients (from each dish) and place it behind, to create a nice hand drawn/photography combination.

Next objective(s):

  • Do quick brush drawings of vegetables – Scan/Outline
  • Research/Moodboard handrawn type + food


Design Competition, Amazonfresh – Referencing images for drawing

Previously being happy with the results of my development posters I noticed that they became more about the illustration graphics rather than the actual service of what I’m trying to convey. Having done hand drawn illustrations of food in the earlier stages of this project I thought it would be a good idea to return to this idea, but instead of having to look for images to draw from on google/pinterest etc, I went on the amazonfresh website where I would be able to draw from a series of different references. But to be more specific, I had by now had in mind for my app to include or staple healthy eating as the main theme; which is what eventually brought me to the page of ‘My Healthy Kitchen‘; this brand provided 5 different healthy prepared meals for customers on amazon. What I was more interested in at this point was to get a good reference images to draw from and the product pages by this brand gave me lots of inspiration to go off from. My main concern with this was the amount of detailing there was in the photographs so I knew I had to be careful not to try draw everything present but instead only the necessary lines that would give a basic outline of the meal.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried to draw the meals from the reference images provided on amazon but after scanning them into adobe illustrator what I knew from before of what was going to happen, happened. The lines were too detailed/messy; I tried adding colour splashes like I did with the fruits/vegetables (It did make the illustration slightly more interesting) but in the case of the brief and the amazonfresh brand, I don’t think these illustrations looked appealing, or would encourage people to use the service. However the element of what i did like mostly about these illustrations is the hand drawn type I did above them More interestingly I noticed how the actual product photographs of the food were not overlapping too much so I figured that if I clean-cut the food/plate from the entire image, I would be able to perhaps expand on my current ideas from there.

Next objective(s):

  • Experiment with product photographs taken from AmazonFresh.


Design Competition, Amazonfresh – Food icons moodboard

Food icons moodboard:


The moodboard I created for the food icons I made is slightly mixed but it all gives me the right inspiration for what I have in mind in the end. With the idea of illustrating individual food icons for the app, I wanted the selection process to look modern which is why I included illustrations of the vectorised plates; I had in mind that as people ‘tapped’ their food selection it would appear neatly on a plate to confirm their order, or if they wanted to make changes they could click the icons to increase/decrease the amount of a particular ingredient. Or another idea I had in mind was to use the food icons below the described food in a list of ingredients. (Just an idea for now)

I think the next step for me now is to look on the amazon website and look at their healthy eating sections to see the meals they already have. Once I have the information of the ingredients it will make the drawing selection easier as it gives me direction to which foods to draw.


Next objective(s):

  • Get meal/food reference images to draw from Amazonfresh
  • Draw/Scan/Vectorize foods icons