SOS Cafe – Affinity Heroes/Artists

To start my research for cause I wanted to focus on the direction of messaging, and the overall theme I’d like to pursue, through this I started jotting down ideas in reflection of how art can convey societal issues. I liked how Keith Haring had his own ‘childish’- like aesthetic to his drawing style in which he then chose to use in ways to battle prejudices of racism, raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and support for the gay community.

Keith Haring primary sample works:

  • Mural art
  • Paint
  • Poster print
  • Installations


As my second affinity influence I chose Obey Shepard Fairey because his distinctive ‘guerrilla’ style of vandalism through campaigns shown clear to be effective in the intention of getting people to pay attention to issues of what’s around them. Red is the theme device in all of his art in which I personally works well as it could be reflected/seen as ‘alarming’/’Bright’.

Shepard ‘Obey’ Fairey sample works:

  • Stencil art
  • Poster (Wheatpaste)
  • Poster print
  • Stickers



SOS Cafe – Brand video

Having never really used Adobe Premier I was slightly worried that I wouldnt  be able to do it, or get it to look like how I wished in my head. I have researched various brand clips and infographic type style videos to give me a good amount of inspiration. Ricardo also held a tutorial session in where he guided us through the making of a basic video, along with that he gave us practice sheets where we could storyboard our ideas. I used an upbeat hiphop instrumental to control the start of the video where the texts appear on each drop (note) in the music. I thought this would be a good thing to do to keep the tempo smooth and guide the viewers with ease. I only used my brand colours of white, red and black; often flashing on words and symbols to emphasize the messaging.

Brand video development + Outcome




S.O.S Cafe – Animation research


After having my session with Ricardo on starting to storyboard our campaign video, I did further exploring myself into looking at other existing promotional videos that directly speaks to my theme of ‘homelessness’, and others that I liked the feel/direction of and could possibly expand in my own style.

  1. End Youth Homelessness / Stop Motion – Illustration / Stencil 

2. Cardboard stories – Photography / Small Docu Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.56.42 AM

3. Inspired – Tackling Youth Homelessness / Typography / Animation / Illustration

SOS Cafe – Cafe Feature experience development

Cafe Feature experience development

When Bernadette gave her sign to me I immediately had the idea of my cafe feature experience; at first I wanted to frame her sign and make a small sign/label for captioning. For the captioning I made a small story copy from conversations with Bernadette and what inspired her art piece. I already had the templates from an online source for the donation boxes so I simply placed in my graphics and printed a few runs before deciding to print the final design pieces. The other cafe feature I decided on is to have a small designed donation box placed on every table of my cafe with facts of homelessness on each side.

SOS Cafe – Slogan/Tagline exploration

Slogan/Tagline exploration

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 19.26.50Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 19.29.20Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 19.27.07

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 19.27.52

To look for a font to try and match the logo I had come up with before, I went on to see the different varieties of tfonts they have. Because I had experimented with brush pens and spraypaint I was looking for a font with the characteristsics of looking like a graffiti tag. I collected 4 examples and selected the one I liked the most. With the one I liked the most I combined it with the spray logo I made and was very pleased with the outcome. I added the open/close bracket to the slogan to make it work as a wordmark for the brand also.

sos profile

SOS Cafe – Logo development

SOS logo draftsI scanned in the brush pen marking I did with the name ‘SOS’ and edited it in AdobeIllustrator first by live tracing the black outlines. I wasn’t pleased with how the lettering would lose its rough/raw edges so I tried alternatively by editing the lighting in Photoshop which worked better because I was able to keep the texture of each logo draft. To further my experiment with type I thought it would be a good idea if I had a few tries using a spray can; what I knew with this process is that if I scanned each draft in I would get great detail of the texture of the spray strokes. In the end I went with the sprayed logo marking because I like how the letters smoothly join up as if its been done in one stroke. Now I needed to see what type cold work as a subfont for the slogan.

Brainstorming pt. 2 – S.O.S

After debating a long brainstorm session and taking more leads on the research into homelessness. The idea generally was created from the conversation I had with my friend Bernadette; feeling alone, ignored and invincible.. All of that which made me think about how I could incorporate that for my project idea. Then suddenly as I was watching Castaway, starring Tom Hanks , a story which follows a man who gets stuck on an island after his plane crashes; his only friend ‘Wilson’ is a teared football which he has drew a smiley face on from his bloody hand palm.

Key elements:

  • The movie shows familiar emotional traits tied to homelessness
    ‘Forgotten about’ / Alone / Ignored / Not loved/Cared for / No support
  • S.O.S‘ scene, Tom hanks tries to get attention of passing ship but is ‘ignored’ / ‘not seen.’ This sparked my investigation further into the origin basis of morse codes etc.

I liked the way S.O.S Cafe sounded but I felt that it of course  didn’t have any relevance to homelessness so I thought of a sentence that would tie both together.This is when I finally came up with the abbreviation  ‘Saving Our society‘; I thought the name was very fitting for the theme I chose because it directly talks to all by mentioning ‘society’ as part of the name, and the act of ‘Saving’ meaning we want to put in action towards this issue, and ‘Our‘ make everyone feel like they are a part of something unique.