Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.11.43For my first attempt at the the deisgn route task, I create a theme around ‘DIY’ / ‘Wood’ and collected a series of pictures that made me think of further ideas for a design route. I thought this route would be good as it does not need a large budget; the whole notion around ‘DIY’ it to make use of the materials you have as efficiently as possible. I also figured that it woud be hard to make modifcations if needed be. This is where I also saw opportunities for wall vinyl stickers to be esily placed upon the surfaces; relating to my wayfinder idea of having black vinyl stickers specifying where each studio gallery is.


Design Competition, Work placement – Final feedback/ Development

Work placement – Feedback development
Still being in the process of finalizing the HotHouse Poster/Newsletter I received an email from Emily Evans who wanted me to experiment using different coloured fades in the background (i.e. red to pink), she also wanted that the text instead of being black to be white. The three text blocks uner the logo was instruced to be removed, so I brought doqwn the central HH logo and wordmark to compensate the space. I think the change from white to blackwas a good choice because the white lettering stands out against the radiant background fades, and with the black lettering you’d still see rough white edges around the lettering. I saved the three colours which I thought worked the best and sent it back to her, awaiting her feedback. Update: Sussanna has given the greenlight on the posters and they are ready for print and distribution.

Development outcomes:



Design Cometition, Avante Arte x Unit London gallery visit

Avante Arte x Unit London gallery visit
Later on in the evening after visiting the ‘greatest sneakers of all time’ me and my brother took another quick stop at the Avante arte x Unit London pop up shop located in central Soho. The exhibition is introduced on the wall through black minimalistic typography. The space was not really big and only had a few art pieces hanging up, again I noticed how lighting played a big role in showing the work in the ‘best light’. Interestingly, each art piece on the wall was actually sourced through instagram in where avante arte have a large following, built on the community that allow users to connect and find artwork from all over the world. The exhibition did not have any wayfinding, as mentioned earlier the space was not big. There was no signage for the pieces but a QR code. What they failed to mention at the desk before letting us through, was how to use these codes but I figured that there might be an app that perhaps links the artwork to the artist’s page where you can buy the piece or view other work. Despite the exhbition being quite scarce I still liked the idea of the QR code because it gave me the idea for the summer show that maybe each student can have their own QR code at the show, and through this people will be able to see other work that’s not on display.




Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – The Greatest Sneakers of all time exhbition


I had my brother  from coventry staying over with me for a couple days, and him being a big fan of footwear design I heard about a sneaker exhbition that was being held at the archivist gallery. One evening we decided to head over and look around to see what was happening; As we entered the space we were greeted by a lady and who then also explained that within the exhibition there was a board where you could sign your name and end up in a draw to win a pair of sneakers from within the exhbition. What I couldn’t help but to take picture of was the wall branding as soon as you walked in, you’d see the exhbition’s title  ‘Greatest Sneakers of All Time’ boldy written on the white wall, and to decorate it as a display relevant to the theme, shoeboxes were placed beneath the typography almost curving in the same way the lettering branches outwards. I got a clear sense of DIY in this exhbition as the display cabinets were made out of woodchip material, and within the glass shoes were placed amongst fake hay. The signage that directed each art piece was designed in numerical order, each telling the telling the history heritage of the shoe. The numbers were matched with the shoe names that were plastered on a black wall in bold lettering. A nice touch in this exhbition was the lighting that hightlighted the raw display of a further array of shoes; The pairs were each placed on panels being held up metal cable. Even though this was a sneaker exhbition they also had a variety of vintage shoe posters arranged in a nice portaits. A key thing I noticed from this exhibition that ‘lighting’ played a big role in it’s entire display.

Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Group proposal presentation

For thepropsal we had to come up with a studio, we were split into further smaller grousp to come up with concepts  and ideas that would contribute to the SummerShow. In the planning process everyone was given a role and a tsk to complete that would eventually bring together the powerpoit as one and ready for presentation. My task was to come up with a new creative way in how work can be displayed / A wayfinder idea concept. Goin back to my 2nd deisgn route of the theme ‘Hanging’ I drew out quick sketches of how I visualised the artwork to be hanging from the ceilings or walls. For the wayfinder I came up with a simple concept that split all the studios into colour codes; and in relation to the colour codes they are specific to the wayfinder arrow maps leading to each studio space.

Concept Sketch


Design Competition, Hello Love gallery visit

Non Toxic Practice – A lifestyle story (2016)

Hello Love is a graphic design studio based in London. As a creative collective the studio explores various art forms such as a film, music and design. The ‘Hello Love’ space is an extension of their studio practice into creating a creative space that upholds their belief of not involving toxic substances in their day to day lives. In a general sense the studio encapsulates the balance between promoting a healthy lifestyle whilst using the art space as a another creative exploration. One of the themes of the gallery is ‘collaboration‘ as it provides a platform for artists all over the world to showcase their work. This is also shown with the vinyl typography on the window as you enter. Each artist is given their own small space with a clear glass block that reads the name/title of the work. What the space also has is a small shop that sells products besides art posters etc. To add to their promotion/branding go ‘healthiness’ they have a small kitchen in the back of the space so whilst the audience enjoys the artwork they can enjoy services from brands like Carbon Fresh, the organic juice bar and tea house. What I particualry I like how this gallery space offers much more than design and art because this is what sets them apart from the other conventional galleries I’ve been to. Instead of making it also feel like a space where you can only walk around and view the artwork they’ve created the layout like a ‘lounge’ so people could perhaps sit and talk whilst getting healthy drinks from the bar at the back.



Design Competition, Whitechapel Art Gallery visit

Whitechapel Art Gallery visit
The Whitechapel gallery being nearby the university, I decided to carry on my research of exhibitions there. From the outside the gallery looks like  a very old building but as soon as you open the doors your greeted with a more contemporary change; the front desk greets you as you walk in and also advise you to take a small booklet that tells you all of the events that are happening and facilities they have but more importantly the galleries that are on show. The building is divided into three floors on where each has an array of different styled/themed exhibitions; these usually ranged from large physical installation design, to video installations or sometimes both. To find which desired artist you wanted to see the work of, the gallery had a way finding system on the back of the booklet provided at the desk, and even further there is another navigation system shown by the stairs of the gallery. The information board panel shows simple typography, with an additional stylised font/symbol that is specific to the branding of the Whitechapel Gallery. On the ground-floor there was a large installation by Alicja Kwade; the piece consisted of several mobile phones dangling down from the ceiling set out in the form of what appeared to be a tree, along with this a projected loop video played in the background to show the grainy graphics. I was confused at this piece so I looked around for the information label which I did not see until I turned back around towards the entrance of the space where it was neatly diagramed on a piece of paper; the information shown specified the artist’s name, each aspect of the design installation and what they all meant. Further, this information panel also included the materials used.

I went upstairs to the second floor where I again came across an array of installation designs but this time it would be video recordings being shown on an old television, and accompanied with two headphones. I imagined in the Summer show some people would display their work in a similar manner so this gave me another idea to think about. Next, I walked into a room that looked very familiar to the “You Get Me” exhibition with the typography on the wall but the only difference there was in this room is that it showed sketchbooks on a table with cable attached to the wall showing the various names/titles of artists work. This gave me the idea that for the final presentation in the Summerhsow students could have their names on the walls, and their work directly infant of it, or have something designed (icon/symbol/colour) that specifics that the two are linked.

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