Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Crafted Design Route

Seeing as I’m still working in progress with my HotHouse newsletter poster, I figured to try out how it would look as a development for my crafted design route. I kept the colour scheme and font typography the same along with the new branding identity I came up with. Using the ‘cross’ format of my lettering I thought of how I could make the link with this in the signage/wayfinding of my crafted route; to which is when I then had the idea of using the circular shape that highlights the ‘Cass, Visual Comms’ wordmark. I figure that by using this circle I could maybe set them out the same way as I’ve done work on the text. I imagined each circle could maybe represent the studios, or I thought the dots surrounding the central dot can be representative of students coming together in one hub to showcase their work. Either I figured that this was a pretty cool concept so I went ahead with it to create sample content for the audience to see my ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 01.37.53


Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design route boards with materials


After buying my scraobook of materials I began selecting the various ones that I felt had relation to themes of my design routes. I was really glad that I made this purchase because even o the way back home I was abit worried that perhaps the mateirals wouldn’t match the moodboards the way I wanted them to. But after selcting my first round of metrials to staple to my design route, I remembered I had some brown paper left to print on; this is where I had the idea of printing m first design route (theme being alrgely surrounded by brown colour pallettes.) on kraft paper; once printed out the images were given nice texture and with the added materials really looked like a resourceful route where lots of ideas can spur from.

Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Material gathering

Exhibition proposal – Material gathering
Today’s hunt was to find as much material as possible to correlate with each of the moodboards I’ve created for my proposed design routes, As I was already planning to spend most of day in Angel I wanted to first research online if there was a market I could go to in hopes of finding a variety of different material. To my dissapoint there actually wasn’t any but I decided to still go out and try and find something. Before doing so I went to the cass art closeby to buy sketchbooks. As I was browsing through the products I came across a section that sold scrap material bags; to my delight I immeditaely grabbed any random one and looked to see what was inside; each bag was different for different reasons, one was for architecture props, one was for paper and the one I picked up ha d a mix of it all; I gathered that now that I had this I did not need to venture out look for items as I already had a variety of materials now to work from.


Exhibition proposal – Design Route 3

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 3

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.19.15

For my third idea of a design route I wanted to explore the minimilastic ways of where minimal objects/stands or information is provided; but when it is it’s direcly understood clear. Shapes, symbols and colour play a lot into the way a human being cuts corners on understanding/recognizing information. This gave me the idea of perhaps having a distinct  symbol/colour palette/type similar to how Whitechapel Art Gallery typography had its own identity and icon. I once again bring up the idea of using vinyl stickers for wayfinding and the labelling of work because it’s cost efficient and isn’t hard to craft. What I want to do next is find the relevant materials for each design route I’ve came up with to assist the visual understanding of its concept.

Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design Route 2

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 2Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.18.22

The theme I had in mind for my 2nd design route was ‘Hanging’, this idea was spurred from the moment I seen the Alicja Kwade installation in Whitechapel Art Gallery. At the time I remmeber thinking wouldnt it be good if we could have a studen’t work hanging from the ceiling whilst it naturally spins from the indriect breezes would be a nice touch to the exhbition. The matrial isn’t hard or expensive either, you could buy sveral rolls of wire and have enough for a student if they decide to go down this route of exhbiting.


Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.11.43For my first attempt at the the deisgn route task, I create a theme around ‘DIY’ / ‘Wood’ and collected a series of pictures that made me think of further ideas for a design route. I thought this route would be good as it does not need a large budget; the whole notion around ‘DIY’ it to make use of the materials you have as efficiently as possible. I also figured that it woud be hard to make modifcations if needed be. This is where I also saw opportunities for wall vinyl stickers to be esily placed upon the surfaces; relating to my wayfinder idea of having black vinyl stickers specifying where each studio gallery is.

Design Cometition, Avante Arte x Unit London gallery visit

Avante Arte x Unit London gallery visit
Later on in the evening after visiting the ‘greatest sneakers of all time’ me and my brother took another quick stop at the Avante arte x Unit London pop up shop located in central Soho. The exhibition is introduced on the wall through black minimalistic typography. The space was not really big and only had a few art pieces hanging up, again I noticed how lighting played a big role in showing the work in the ‘best light’. Interestingly, each art piece on the wall was actually sourced through instagram in where avante arte have a large following, built on the community that allow users to connect and find artwork from all over the world. The exhibition did not have any wayfinding, as mentioned earlier the space was not big. There was no signage for the pieces but a QR code. What they failed to mention at the desk before letting us through, was how to use these codes but I figured that there might be an app that perhaps links the artwork to the artist’s page where you can buy the piece or view other work. Despite the exhbition being quite scarce I still liked the idea of the QR code because it gave me the idea for the summer show that maybe each student can have their own QR code at the show, and through this people will be able to see other work that’s not on display.