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With the background of expereince I have with branding I’d say that my style or method of working first hand in graphic design is illustration. I love drawing and the importnace of it’s process that can lead you to better ideas and thinking. To distinctly pin point my style of illustrtaion I’d say that my largest infuences would be comics/cartoons. These two things had a profound impact and inflkuence on the type of drawings I do. I think in my own way I’ve developed a particuluar style/method that helps me to narrow and create branding projects of any product/services from scratch. Usually with CV’s I’d have losts to say in expereince of working as a retail assistnat but whereas my graphic deisgn resume I haven’t done a lot of projects to say I’ve gotten much in-house industry expereince, rather for me it’s been on a small freelance basis.

Student online portfolio:

Personal illustration/Graphic design portfolio:



The CASS 2017 Summershow

Unfortunately due to a family occasion I was not able to attend the launch of our final 2017 student showcase; the show this year consisted of all the departments asociated with the Cass had all of their student present various finished works for friends and family to see; even for potential empolyers some student had made business cards so people were allowed to take one away for contact later on. The Cass also this year had been giveb the opportunity to et up shop where students could sell their work, create print work and also particiate in workshops ranginging from animation to photography. In the window display of the ground floor gallery hang  the posters I made for the the HotHouse which I am very proud to see in large for the public; the colours come out correct aswell as the size proportions for both graphics and texts.

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Design Competition, Work placement – Final feedback/ Development

Work placement – Feedback development
Still being in the process of finalizing the HotHouse Poster/Newsletter I received an email from Emily Evans who wanted me to experiment using different coloured fades in the background (i.e. red to pink), she also wanted that the text instead of being black to be white. The three text blocks uner the logo was instruced to be removed, so I brought doqwn the central HH logo and wordmark to compensate the space. I think the change from white to blackwas a good choice because the white lettering stands out against the radiant background fades, and with the black lettering you’d still see rough white edges around the lettering. I saved the three colours which I thought worked the best and sent it back to her, awaiting her feedback. Update: Sussanna has given the greenlight on the posters and they are ready for print and distribution.

Development outcomes:



Design Competition, Work placement – Feedback development 2

 Work placement – Feedback development 2

Today I reived an email from Sara saying that there was another change to the copywriting; I followed accoding to her sintructions and made the changes before sending it back to her. The change thankfully did not disturb the current structure of the text hierarchy, but it did now read a lot more simpler and easier.

Development feedback outcome:

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Design Competition, Work placement – Feedback development

Work placement –  Feedback development
After sending teh revised proofs I created with Sara carneholm, I emailed it to her so she forwarded it on to the dpeartment leader which is Sussanna. Gladly when she did get back with feedback she said that she was pleased with the design outlook so far but wanted to see if we could  try a a change in the text copy telling information about the workshops, she wnated to change this so it was clearer for the audience to understand. She also mentioned that she wanted to try place the logo’s in the bottom corners instead and see how that would look. Again I saved a copy of the revised design and sent it back to Sara who would give it a review and tlel me what to change before returning to Sussana.


Development outcome:

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Changes made

  • Text block copies (Below logo)
  • London Metropolitan + Cass logo both placed in bottom corners
  • Social media handle information shifted to match bottom tier line

Design Competition, Work placement – HotHouse Newsletter/Poster design development

Work placement – HotHouse Newsletter/Poster design development
After drawing outt he thumbanial ideas for the poster/newsletter development. I started playing around with placing the new HotHouse logo in the middle and see where I would end up with this stance. I first wanted to try out the three tier typography cross idea I had. I had a few tries at playing with the placing the dates at the sides as well because I wnated to use the influence from my moodboard to have the words filling up the space around the hothouse logo so it looks like the focus box is set on the branding wordmark of ‘summershow/p’ and the new HotHouse logo.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 21.21.20Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 21.23.17Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 21.23.33IMG_7054


Design Competition, Work placement – Planning poster design

after being assigned th etask to create a posternewsletter that would promote the summer show/shop. Angharad Lewis provided a selection of images for inspiration that I could use. The intructions remained the same regarding the  use of elements solely accurate to its guidelines. Emily earlier in the day had invited me to an online google drive to which I was given asccess to the new cass logo identities Bogdan had previously created. When I opened the file there was an array of different logo’s and word marks of the cass, some in circular shapes and some being the dressing for the new HotHouse symbol. Using the influence images I started to sketch out quick thumbnail designs to visualise my ideas.

Influence images/Moodboard 

Sketch Process