Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design route boards with materials


After buying my scraobook of materials I began selecting the various ones that I felt had relation to themes of my design routes. I was really glad that I made this purchase because even o the way back home I was abit worried that perhaps the mateirals wouldn’t match the moodboards the way I wanted them to. But after selcting my first round of metrials to staple to my design route, I remembered I had some brown paper left to print on; this is where I had the idea of printing m first design route (theme being alrgely surrounded by brown colour pallettes.) on kraft paper; once printed out the images were given nice texture and with the added materials really looked like a resourceful route where lots of ideas can spur from.


Exhibition proposal – Design Route 3

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 3

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.19.15

For my third idea of a design route I wanted to explore the minimilastic ways of where minimal objects/stands or information is provided; but when it is it’s direcly understood clear. Shapes, symbols and colour play a lot into the way a human being cuts corners on understanding/recognizing information. This gave me the idea of perhaps having a distinct  symbol/colour palette/type similar to how Whitechapel Art Gallery typography had its own identity and icon. I once again bring up the idea of using vinyl stickers for wayfinding and the labelling of work because it’s cost efficient and isn’t hard to craft. What I want to do next is find the relevant materials for each design route I’ve came up with to assist the visual understanding of its concept.

Design Competition, Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Exhibition proposal – Design Route 1

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 00.11.43For my first attempt at the the deisgn route task, I create a theme around ‘DIY’ / ‘Wood’ and collected a series of pictures that made me think of further ideas for a design route. I thought this route would be good as it does not need a large budget; the whole notion around ‘DIY’ it to make use of the materials you have as efficiently as possible. I also figured that it woud be hard to make modifcations if needed be. This is where I also saw opportunities for wall vinyl stickers to be esily placed upon the surfaces; relating to my wayfinder idea of having black vinyl stickers specifying where each studio gallery is.

Design Competition, Autograph ABP visit

Mahtab Hussain – You Get Me? (2008)

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Today when I was taking a casual ride on my bike in the sun through Shoreditch I decided for a quick visit into the Autograph ABP Gallery on Rivington street. This would’ve been the first time I been back here since my first year so much had changed to the entire layout of the space. Instead of having to walk all the round the building to get in, the gallery space now placed doors within their big window panels that let you look through to see the art hanging up. The exhibition they had on show was a photography project by Nottingham Trent student Mahtab Hussain; the project delves into the theme of shooting portraits of young muslim men in Britain, whilst discussing the dialogue of how a majority of them are subjected to an umbrella of social injustices. The space is occupied with the portraits of different sizes hanging up across the wall;  and as captions for each photograph bold,minimal text is used. They clearly state the title of the work displayed, and the year it was taken/created. The portraits in the space as described by the artist show “The young men and boys stare directly and defiantly at the viewer to demand to be respected and acknowledged in their own right. To compliment the wall and theme the artist had short verses of stories and accounts of people who spoke about their experience as a young muslim, but also in another perspective of where one discusses how muslims are perceived. These small passages are set in bold to make it stand out in the space but also to keep the theme of ‘boldness’ concise (as they’ve done with the bordering of each portrait.) I like the simple layout of the space and its art, even further that it stands in contrast with the thousands of words and emotions spoken in each photograph by the presenting artist.

Promotional/Business card

Promotional/Business card is kept simple aswell, stating the basic information of where the gallery is, it’s website; and also a brief history of the company. The gallery space is sponsored by trusts and charities which is shown the at bottom of the business card. further below  in small print reads the caption of the works that is displayed on the front of the business card.